Matthew Tanaka crowned as the new Big Man on Campus


Emily Hwang

STRIKE A POSE – The Big Man on Campus participants dance to One Direction “What Makes You Beautiful” at the end of the competition.

Twelve male seniors were selected to compete in the annual Big Man on Campus competition, an event that featured each student’s unique traits and talents. Displaying his wits and charm, Matthew Tanaka was named this year’s Big Man on Campus.

Judges Carly Russo, George Harderson, Latitia Thomas, Kemp Wells, and Shari DeCambra picked the senior who they thought was most impressive in these categories: best formal and casual wear, best pick-up line, best personality, and talent. The competition started off with a brief introduction that described each contestant’s qualities.

The participants then showcased their talents, which was the highlight of the entire show. There was a variety of interesting and entertaining talents, ranging from an acapella performance by Tanaka to Franklin Yu’s gingerbread house building.

After the unique performances, the participants attempted to charm the crowd with their best pick-up lines. However, Stephen Lee took a different approach by creatively presenting several honest statements about his shortcomings and his feelings, trying to convey that honesty with his best pick-up line. The contestants concluded the competition by dancing to “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction.

“There was a lot of energy and there [were] quite a few students that were very encouraging in the audience,” Wells commented.

At the end, each contestant received personalized sashes created by USB. Matthew Tanaka won a large trophy, along with the recognition of being the Big Man.

“I am extremely happy with the results, and grateful to the judges and the 11 guys [who] came out with me. The trophy was for all twelve of us; we are all worthy of the title,” Tanaka said.