Kong’s Korner: Mad about Madden?

On Aug. 28, EA Sports released this year’s Madden and boasted about   many   new   features   that made    this    year’s    game    “the greatest ever.” I laughed as I read reviewers    online    criticize    and complain about how this year’s release    was    a    disappointment. THIS   HAPPENS   EVERY   YEAR! This   is   the   Madden   trend   that has  plagued  football  fans  across the  nation  for  at  least  a  decade. Madden will always disappoint its fans but will nevertheless continue to stay loyal to the franchise.

This year’s Madden emphasizes the new Infinity Physics engine that the developers incorporated into   its   gameplay.   In   a   recent preview,   the   EA   representative raved that, “No hit will ever look the same!”  WELL, FINALLY.  It seems that EA has finally decided to   answer   the   angry   messages from its fans that the hits and tackles in previous installments were filled with glitches and bugs. I  can’t  have  enough  instances  of how my middle  linebacker sacked a  quarterback  but  still  managed to   lose   yards   because   the   QB falls   forward   instead   of    back. The Infinity Physics engine was used in a popular iPhone game, “Backbreaker.”     Most people do not know that an actual console “Backbreaker” game was released. I own a copy of this game and the physics engine makes this game worth my money in gold. Overall, the engine is definitely an upgrade for Madden 13.

However, this just solidifies my claim   about   a   consistent   trend in every Madden installment.  I would not be surprised if the EA developers have a list of new ideas that date up to Madden 32. They take one idea off this list and make it   the   central   marketing   aspect of   their   new   game.   They   also take out a few  of  the   successful game  modes  that  fans  love  and bring it back after a few years to make  people  buy  their  product.

This   year’s   Madden   got   rid   of the Franchise Mode and Fantasy Draft and replaced it with the new Connected Careers Mode.  You are probably wondering to   yourself, why would the EA developers take out their most successful game modes without warning their fans? It’s  because  they  know  that  fans will buy the product regardless of what game modes are in the game, because they want to play with the Infinity Physics  Engine  and  with the  brand  new  depth  charts  for the  upcoming  season!  This tactic is repeated year after year. Don’t

Be excited when EA announces that they will return the Franchise mode to Madden 14 or 15. We all saw it coming.

The point I am trying to make is that it is useless to get “Mad about    Madden.”    The    game    is still fun regardless of what game modes   they   include   or   exclude. What  may  disappoint  you  in  this year’s  Madden  was  only  done  so that   you   would   end   up   buying next  year’s  product.    This year’s disappointment will be next year’s excitement.