Fall Back Into Television

Fall can be the most disheartening time of the year for students. Summer is officially over and school is back in session. However, there is one reason to be excited about the fall. Our favorite shows that took their own summer breaks will soon return to thrill us with much entertainment.

The Walking Dead– Oct. 14: Season two of The Walking Dead ended with the group narrowly escaping Hershel’s farm when it was invaded by zombies. Shortly after, Rick reveals to the group that they too can turn into zombies after death and establishes a “Ricktatorship” amongst the survivors. Season three similarly promises more action as the group battles the Governor for a prison they hope to turn into their own safe haven with the help of the mysterious hooded figure.

The Vampire Diaries– Oct. 11: After Elena’s horrifying death due to a devastating car accident, she was revived through the vampire blood she ingested before the crash. Elena will most likely have no choice but to transition into a vampire, but this would only complicate her twisted relationship with the Salvatore brothers. Will she stay with Stefan, or leave him for Damon? Is there room enough for both Tyler and Klaus in Mystic Falls? Find out in season four!

Arrow– Oct. 10: With the recent success of comic-book adaptations of movies during the summer, Arrow, a spin-off of Smallville, promises to be a dynamic new show with plenty of action. It revolves around Oliver Queen’s return to Starling City after his seven-year exile on a deserted island from a boating accident that also killed his family. Changed from this ordeal, he returns determined to rid the city of corruption and find those responsible for murdering his family.

The Office– Sept. 20: The Office has entertained its loyal viewers for years but after eight years, this season will be its last run. Season eight ended with Andy reclaiming the Regional Manager position with the help of none other than former Dunder Mifflin CFO David Wallace. Dwight and Angela also shared a steamy kiss while delivering a diaper for a paternity test to see if he is truly the father of her baby. The final season promises to end with a bang with several new faces joining the Scranton branch including a new love interest for Erin.