Bark Park to open next to Pantera Park in three weeks

Residents of Diamond Bar and neighboring cities are anticipating the grand opening of Bark Park that will occur during the week of Nov. 17.

“While we have several community parks for public enjoyment where dog owners are welcome to bring their dogs kept on a leash, City Council members felt the community would benefit from the creation of a dog park, where dogs could socialize and play with other dogs in a leash-free setting,” commented Cecilia Arellano, the Public Information Coordinator.

On the 1.35 acres of undisturbed land surrounded by a six-foot high chain link fence, there will be two enclosures where unleashed dogs will be able to run around.

In order to enter the dog park, visitors will have to walk through the automatic opening and closing double gates in front of the entire park.

The city officials of Diamond Bar have also decided to included accessible drinking fountains with pet bowls, doggie walk waste bag dispensers, hose bibs for water access, park benches, and trash receptacles.

The two enclosures in the park will separate the dogs smaller and larger than 25 pounds.

Officials decided to use shredded mulch and wood chips instead of grass and dirt. “The finely shredded mulch that will be used for ground cover is low maintenance and does not require resting, therefore making it the best dog play surface,” said Arellano. In addition, the city will be building a concrete walkway from the adjacent parking lot to the dog park.

“Once it opens, Bark Park at Pantera will be a great asset particularly to our large community of dog owners. It will create an outlet for our four-legged residents to recreate leash-free and for dog owners to socialize,” stated Arellano.