A new Diamond Bar Library opens near City Hall

Over the summer, Diamond Bar readers encountered a pleasant surprise when a new library was built behind City Hall, replacing the old library on Grand Avenue.

Tripling in size, the new library now has quadrupled the number of computers it had before: 11 public computers, 10 children computers, six early literacy computers, and six teen computers. In addition to more computers, the DB Library also established a new teen advisory board and book club.

Furthermore, not only are there separate group conference rooms interspersed around the library grounds, but there is also live online homework help offered in all subjects. With a new, around the clock, online assistant and downloadable audio books, eBooks, and music, Diamond Bar citizens now have more access to different features of the library.

“I think that the new library, to the city of Diamond Bar, is an even greater source than it ever was. We strive to provide our community enjoyment with convenience. We want to promote a peaceful environment where people can enjoy reading,” Diamond Bar Library Manager Jesse Lanz said.

For families who want their youngsters to go out and socialize, the library has built a new family play area just for young children. In a section of the library that is isolated from the rest, children can play with the toys and video games.

Other new events that the DB Library has implemented include computer classes, story time for young children, movie nights with free popcorn and drinks, visual art workshops, writing workshops, craft sessions, teen gaming sessions, music classes, knitting club, cupcake parties, and even scavenger hunts. These events occur on a weekly or monthly basis.

Over the summer, the Diamond Bar Library received many donations and managed to purchase all varieties of new books, magazines, newspapers, and DVDs. Friends of the Diamond Bar Library also funded the new book store, a small portion of the library where people can purchase popular items.

Another unique feature that many adults cherish is the Reading Garden. It is located right outside of the library and is decorated with plants and flowers surrounding small tables.

“The Reading Garden is such a nice place for adults to relax and unwind. You’re surrounded by nature in peace and quiet. You can just read and completely take yourself out from the hustle and bustle of the world for a while,” Diamond Bar resident Rebecca Tanner said.