Track races to the finishline


Track’s 2023 season was definitely one for the books. The team went through tough losses, rewarding wins and shocking turnarounds.

The team ended their season with a record of 9-3, and they had three of their runners advance to CIF. One of these runners, senior Simon Worku, even broke Diamond Bar High School’s record in the 1600m, beating his cousin and DBHS alum Lukas Amare.  

“It was a building year,” Worku said. “We weren’t as good as we could be, but it was filled with new people, so we’re going to be a lot better next year.”

As the team adjusted to the addition of new talents, they were unable to pull out wins against Rowland and South Hills.

“In the beginning if you lose, you get more down on yourself at first,” senior and head captain Jenna Schwarz said. “But I feel like once you get more used to the sport and running, the more you’re used to the losses. The wins feel even more accomplished.”

This mindset has helped the team greatly all throughout their season and into CIF. Along with a change in outlook, they also refocused themselves on other issues that were holding them back.

“I think we should improve on our communications with not only our teammates but our coaches as well,” junior CIF qualifier Allan Chang said. “We should’ve pushed each other more to be able to improve and win more in the future.”

 These improvements seen by Chang would help the team build their team dynamic and a relationship with their new coach, Tony Crutchfield. With stronger relationships, the team began to root for each other more through their wins and losses, a strong reason why they were able to turn their season around. 

The team definitely had a challenging season. However, they gained so much more insight through their challenges, which they will use to their advantage in their upcoming season. 

“I like our family. Our team is like a family, and we get along with each other very well,” Schwarz said.