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Printing a bright future

For two years, Diamond Bar High School sophomore Michael Mellad has pursued his dream of starting his own business: LA Printables. His business focuses on screen printing – a process that uses designs on screens to print directly onto the fabric – to cater to a wider audience whether that be for companies in bulk, or as simple gifts for friends. 

“Printing, in my eyes, was something I saw in demand, and I liked the idea that I could sell it as a service to other companies rather than just sell a product,” Mellad said.

Michael’s drive for business came from his motivation to maintain and build on his company. He also gains satisfaction with success from his orders that he completes along with helping other companies with their products. 

“What motivates me is looking at the next step and the possibilities as well as seeing my business do well and expanding it gives me motivation to grow and make my business more successful,” Mellad said.

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Starting a business for anyone always comes with challenges that can slow or even shut down a business entirely, and LA Printables was no exception. For Mellad, overcoming initial roadblocks was the greatest challenge.

“The obstacles that I’ve dealt with so far consist of things like just figuring out how to start my business, reaching people and companies who could use my business,” Mellad said. “But, what helped me the most was contacting professionals who gave me advice on how to grow and expand my business.” 

Several companies have reached out to Mellad, such as Unintended and Makenai; he now plans to further expand and organize his business. Currently he is working on rebranding his company by purchasing more printers, scanners and a new Instagram page. 

“I’m working on marketing, and getting experience,” says Mellad, “To expand my business, my short term goals would be to invest in more equipment, but in the long term I eventually want to open my own printing shop.”

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