Keeping up with a campus tradition

An annual campus tradition hosted by Link Crew, Freshman Remix is an opportunity for freshmen to learn more about the extracurriculars and activities offered on campus. Students are also able to get a second chance to rejoin the clubs that they may have missed out on during Club Rush back in August.

“Freshman Remix is an opportunity for our incoming freshman students to learn about the various clubs and organizations available at our school and to find ones that align with their interests and passions,” Link Crew president Katie Kim said via Instagram. “With the clubs and different performing arts available for students to take part in, I believe that Freshman Remix was a great opportunity for students to get integrated into the DBHS environment and feel more welcomed.”

Last year, Freshman Remix was forced to adapt to an unconventional format, setting up outside in the football field and including both freshmen and sophomores. The year before that, Freshman Remix was skipped due to COVID. In other words, this year marks a long-awaited return to normalcy. 

Many clubs showed up to the event to promote their organizations to freshmen, and most of them presented handmade posters to attract prospective members.

The Remix this year proved a success to many clubs, helping them recruit more members and gain more popularity.

“Our goal was to recruit more people for the class committee and to represent our impact on the freshman community,” Class of 2026 Committee president Isaac Yu said via Discord. “Overall, we quadrupled our membership and our workforce increased for activities such as poster painting.”

Link Crew also expressed their satisfaction with this year’s Remix.

Link Crew and myself were very satisfied with the results this year,” Kim said via Instagram. “All the performances went smoothly, and it seemed like the freshmen were quite intrigued by all the different clubs we have on campus. From the response of many clubs, it seems like there were a lot of freshmen that signed up to join a variety of clubs and took these new opportunities to their advantage.”

Along with the club presentations, organizations from the performing arts department such as Dance Company and drama also put on performances for the freshmen. Many of the performing arts groups shared similar intentions with the clubs.

“[We] hoped to spread awareness of Dance at DBHS. We want freshmen to know that we are a diverse team,” Dance Company director Jill Riley said via email. “I think that our performances always attract students to join Dance Company in the future years. We hope that those interested will audition to be in the program.”

Riley also voiced her satisfaction with this year’s performance.

“I was really satisfied with the performance,” Riley said via email. “The dancers did a nice job in both routines and showcased what we do well.”

Many freshmen who attended the event also expressed their appreciation for the performances, and the chance to revisit some of the clubs again.

“The performances were really good, and they really showcased the performing arts we have,” freshman Mary Margarette Nadres said. “I thought that it was a good opportunity for freshmen [to learn more about the clubs offered on campus], because many of them didn’t know about the clubs yet.”