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Filipino heritage month

As the leaves begin to change and fall descends upon us, another transformation takes place – a celebration of vibrant culture, rich history, and a resilient spirit. Filipino Heritage Month, recognized since 2009, invites us to immerse ourselves in the tapestry of Filipino traditions, stories, and contributions that have woven their way into the fabric of American society.



When people think of Filipino food, many think of Jollibee’s famous chicken joy, gravy and adobo rice. In addition to these fast food options, chicken adobo, a staple stew in many Filipino households, includes chicken marinated in soy sauce and other spices which are then pan fried and stewed until tender. Lumpia are different types of spring rolls stuffed with a variety of savory fillings. Other well known foods include Sinigang, a sour and savory stew cooked with fruits, meat and vegetables.

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“For me, my personal favorite dish my mom makes is chicken adobo because I think it’s better than other foods like lumpia or sinigang,” Filipino club member, sophomore Max Nakama said.



Filipino holiday traditions include making and decorating Balikbayan boxes and Parol Star Lanterns for Christmas. Balikbayan boxes contain items such as shoes, books and tooth brushes to send to kids and families in the Philippines. Parol Lanterns hold religious meaning in the Philippines, to represent the North star that the three wise men followed in the Bible, during the birth of Jesus Christ, so many families fold and decorate star shaped lanterns with paint and glitter during Christmas.

“We have traditional event called Kaba games, where we gather with other Filipino clubs in the area to play games and activities,” junior Ryan Garcia said. 



Influenced by Spanish clothing styles, traditional Filipino clothes are often worn at formal gatherings such as Christmas dinners. Men wear Barong Tagalogs, an embroidered long-sleeved formal shirt traditionally made from pina, a fabric made from pineapple leaves. Women traditionally wear a Baro’t Sayas composed of two parts made from pina as well, meaning “blouse and skirt”, with Spanish influences evident in the designs’ hemmings.


Notable figures

There are many popular Filipino music artists such as Beabadoobee, a singer famous for her hit, “The Glue Song”. Other famous Filipino celebrities include singer Phum Viphurit, famous for “Lover Boy” and Lyn Lapid, who found fame sharing her music on social media. 

Beyond music, notable Filipino figures include Joze Rizal, an integral member of the Filipino Propaganda Movement which supported political reforms during the Philippine Revolution. In honor of his death in 1896, Filipinos celebrate what he stood for and accomplished every 30th of December by writing inspiring speeches sparking the Philippine Revolution.

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