Dominating in science innovation

While size often equates to strength, Diamond Bar High School’s Science Olympiad team has proved to be an outstanding exception. Despite being a relatively small team compared to many of their competitors, the Brahmas have consistently made it to the state level for the past two years and are expecting yet another successful season. 


With the onset of the pandemic and the transition back to in-person competitions, preparing for competitions has been quite the uphill journey for the Science Olympiad competitors. In spite of the difficulties, the competing members have maintained a high level of rigor and dedication to their craft— their success a testament to their unwavering commitment.


Advised by biology teacher Eric Sorensen and MACH5 teacher Latitia Thomas, the team is composed of some of DBHS’s brightest students, with an officer board consisting of seniors Jefferey Gong and Ryan Chung, along with junior Natalie Zhou.


“Since we came from an online format for the past two years, I think active communication both amongst each other in the officer board and with the team was a major reason for our team’s success this year,” junior Don Wong said, highlighting the importance of effective communication in their success.


This dedication has been evident in their competition results. The team recently returned victorious from the Boyceville Invitational, placing first out of 148 other schools nationwide. 


“We’ve all diligently studied without teammates throughout the past four months, so our win showed us that our hard work paid off,” Wong said. 

Their achievements thus far are truly remarkable, especially given the unprecedented challenges that have arisen due to the pandemic.


The team’s pre-competition preparation consists of a regimen of weekly study meetings and building devices for competitions. In the last two years alone, the team has finished first in regionals and ended their season ranking amongst the top five in the state. 


“We’re trying to make it to state for the third time in a row this year,” Chung said. “I believe the team has the ability to meet and exceed all expectations.”


Overcoming the challenges of the pandemic is a feat in itself, and the Diamond Bar Science Olympiad team has been able to do just that, continuing to achieve great things. The team’s remarkable success can be attributed to their commitment to excellence, dedication, and hard work. 

Despite the many hurdles they have faced, the team has remained steadfast in their pursuit of victory, and they continue to inspire others with their resilience and unwavering spirit. Their next in-person competition will be at the Southern California Regionals on March 4 at Rio Hondo College.