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DBHS Theatre Delivers a Double Dose of Magic

Diamond Bar High School takes center stage, enchanting audiences with a dual production of the musical ‘Into the Woods’ and play ‘Sleepy Hollow’.

Under the direction of Jared Kaitz, the production showcased the students’ acting abilities, with students Samuel Lee, Jovani Suviate, Sophie Morookian, Rae Martinez, and Angelina Tesoro holding standout roles. The double production offered students a unique opportunity to expand upon both their acting and singing skills.

The DBHS production of “Into the Woods,” weaves together the fairytale stories of “Cinderella,” “Little Red Riding Hood,” “Rapunzel,” and “Jack and the Beanstalk,” offering a unique interpretation. While remaining faithful to the original script, the production was set against the backdrop of 1940s England during the London Blitz. This decision added depth to the show and portrayed characters who sought solace in storytelling during challenging times. The set dressing, lighting, costumes, hair, makeup, and props captured the respective time periods of the productions.

 In “Sleepy Hollow,” makeup was inspired by Tim Burton’s Gothic style, while “Into the Woods” reveals a more Victorian-style era look. “Sleepy Hollow” featured a script written in verse, incorporating movement and choreography. In contrast, “Into the Woods” challenged students with musical numbers and vocal performances. Both productions allowed students to expand their skills, providing experiences and knowledge in different aspects of theater.

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“The idea of staging both shows back-to-back initially started as a playful concept but swiftly evolved into a tangible project,” director Jared Kaitz said.

The unique challenge of presenting two distinct shows on the same set not only pushed the students but also offered them a valuable opportunity to explore different characters and styles. The planning process for these shows began several months in advance, allowing for much consideration and preparation.

“After ‘Frozen,’ I felt the need to do something different and wanted to provide this unique opportunity to students in the drama department,” Kaitz said. 

The students showed much dedication to their roles, balancing their schoolwork, rehearsals, and other extracurricular activities. Rehearsals, conducted from Monday to Thursday, were managed efficiently to accommodate the students’ schedules, ensuring that they could excel academically while honing their theatrical talents.

“Students in the drama production do a great job at balancing their studies, production, and other extracurricular activities,” said Kaitz.

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