Bonding through the challenges


Working hard to push through unfamiliar waters, Diamond Bar girls water polo steadily remained on their feet this season.

Starting off the season with no pool, the Lady Brahmas were put in a tough spot. “Our pool broke back in November at the very beginning of our season,” junior Martina Carvajal said. “We’ve been holding practice at Walnut’s [High School] pool since then.”

This was a huge blow to the team as home-court advantage was something the team couldn’t have throughout the season. The highlight of the season was their blowout victory against Wilson, 20-4. However, the season was filled with struggles, and it showed in the league finals when the Lady Brahmas went winless in the four matches of league finals. 

“Some setbacks I feel like we had during this game were playing a little more sloppy towards the end because we were up [in the beginning],” freshman Bianca Moran said. “Some highlights of this game were that our team had very good communication, and it was also very exciting because the crowd was so big.”

Through the struggles in the season, the Lady Brahmas shared their camaraderie and had their moments.

“Our girls worked really hard for the Walnut game. It was a very close game, and I’m very proud of the girls.” freshman Savanna Sander said.

Following the conclusion of league play, Diamond Bar and two other schools in the league were involved in a coin flip to decide who would advance to CIF, but their luck was unsuccessful and their season ultimately came to an end. The team ended their season with an overall record of 3-20.