Tasty Box Dim Sum

Tasty Box Dim Sum

A small cuisine filled with iconic Cantonese dishes, Tasty Box Dim Sum has been marked as a great local dim sum place local to Diamond Bar.

This restaurant is located in the H-Mart Plaza, next to Starbucks. I happened to go at the busiest times, with a wait of 20 minutes and a long line of people.

The menu offers a bunch of popular dim sum dishes like sui mai, pineapple buns, chicken feet, egg rolls and more. 

The menu itself is very diverse when it comes to the options. I ordered sui mai ($5.00), shrimp rice noodle roll ($5.00), shrimp egg rolls ($5.00), egg tarts ($4.25), and steam custard buns ($4.50.) We waited 15 minutes until we received our food. Since it was crowded at this hour, we had to sit outside in the sun.

I wasn’t pleased with this as I was baking in the California heat, but I quickly forgot about my qualms when I received the dishes. The sui mai came first, and was well-flavored, exceeding my expectations.

The pork and shrimp combination of the dish, wrapped with its sticky yellow skin, almost brought a tear to my eye with its tastiness. I was pleased the flavors blended together to resemble a tasty sui mai.

When the egg tarts came, I was surprised when I bit into these appetizing desserts. They were toasty and the delectable tarts held a sweetness that was unique. The texture was so soft and tender that the crust was even falling apart. 

With this, it had a crummy texture that was slightly unappealing to me as I was eating the dish, but it had a taste that I thoroughly enjoyed. 

The steam custard buns were also a delicious option to have after, however, I wasn’t the biggest fan with the abundance of sweet custard in the bun. It was so overfilled I felt like I was eating straight custard with barely any bread. The bun tasted too sweet, and that dampened its merit.

With these two dishes that I was happily fed, the shrimp egg rolls came and were painfully average. 

They were hard to eat because of how hot they were and the flavor of the egg roll sauce was mediocre. The egg roll itself was overcooked and some were a bit too chewy for my liking. The inside happened to be a bit soggy as well as the inside combination of the meat and veggies didn’t blend well. The sauce was a bit sour, almost as if I was eating the egg roll with straight-up vinegar. 

But despite my misgivings, I was impressed with the overall service of the restaurant; considering how busy they were, they still served us efficiently. I plan on going back for the dim sum desserts as well as the tasty sui mais, but I’m definitely skipping out on the shrimp egg rolls.