Permanent leave of absence

With COVID-19 worsening everywhere, both students and staff have been left wondering how to run schools efficiently as another spike in cases has led many teachers to retire.

By virtue of the position, teachers are within close proximity of many students daily, putting themselves at a higher risk. Not to mention, the loosely enforced guidelines of the school in addition to ignorant students have increased their chances of contracting the virus. 

Not wanting to be further exposed, teachers have been forced to take precautions into their own hands within their classrooms. In many of my classes, I have seen students blatantly disregard safety protocols, despite countless reminders from the teacher. This has led some teachers to be more strict with guidelines, like sending students outside the room whenever they must take off their mask, such as when drinking water.

Adding an extra burden is the expectation of teachers to post all the class resources and assignments online for absent students. While such updates are important, these additional expectations can combine to be very stressful and unrewarding to many teachers. 

However, this trend transcends school staff. Many workers all across the United States have been resigning from their jobs because they feel it isn’t worth the risk, especially in regards to the amount they are paid. This trend is highlighted through teachers as the job doesn’t even offer a salary that equates to the work required.

Some teachers, tired out from the hardships of distance learning, just want to work for a job that is better either for them mentally or financially. Whether it be the risk of exposure worsened by students ignorant to the guidelines or the low wages for those willing to stick through the job, there are increasingly more reasons now than ever to quit.

 In a time where both students and teachers are struggling, communication on how to handle safety precautions could help create a better experience for everyone. Schools should be enforcing stricter guidelines and enacting disciplinary action against students who don’t listen to them.