Starting early with college recruitment

A common goal for a high school athlete is to play at the collegiate level. Unfortunately, there is little  information readily available on the process of becoming college athletes.  

Sports recruitment has always been a confusing pathway for high school athletes. However, there are some approaches that any prospective college athlete can do in order to embellish their chances of recruitment. 

Those that are interested in playing college sports should register with the Next College Student Athlete. This organization, known as NCSA, is dedicated to connecting high school athletes to appropriate college programs. 

For sports such as football, recruiting coaches tend to watch players in-person on their prospective rosters before extending any offers. Athletes who hope to be recruited for a team sport should expect coaches to be watching their games. 

According to NCSA, recruiters look for athletes that demonstrate good character and the ability to handle challenging game situations under pressure. They place emphasis on team spirit and how athletes react when things do not go as planned during competition. 

Many talented athletes are unable to procure the opportunity to play collegiate sports because they didn’t network enough when they were in high school. If you are specifically interested in participating in college athletics, you must develop a good relationship with your coach as well. 

Beginning as early as freshman year, student-athletes should open the dialogue regarding college sports with their coaches. Coaches are an integral part of the recruitment process. They offer recommendations to recruiters and advice to athletes. It is nearly impossible to earn a spot on a college sports team’s roster without help from your high school coach. 

Overall, connections are a big factor in college sports recruitment. If you are an athlete who wants to  compete at the collegiate level, do not feel discouraged. Learning to network with other athletes and coaches is a skill that will help athletes greatly.