Spreading awareness about racial justice

Providing an opportunity for students to embrace their identity, Diamond Bar High School’s Black Student Union Club aims to recognize and spread awareness about crucial issues facing the Black community. 

Seeing as racism is one of the largest challenges facing Black Americans, the club serves as an outlet for its members to further discuss this topic and find ways to address the issue on a grand scale. 

“At our school, there’s not a big Black student population, so we felt that it could be a place where we could find people similar to us and connect with other Black students on campus,” co-president senior Gabriela Jones said.

To fuel conversations about these complex topics, the club hosts debates and open conversations led by club officers. A major point of discussion so far this year has been Critical Race Theory, which is a movement that aims to analyze the overlaps between American law and race. In the future, the club plans to further discuss the occurence of diversity issues in various environments like in America’s justice system; additionally, they intend to provide a breakdown of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Other than holding engaging discussions, the club recently worked with peer counseling to construct a speech for anti-bullying.

“We enjoyed the anti-bullying event not only because it was fun but also since it spread a message to students,” co-president junior Joy Mitchell said via Instagram. “We plan to collaborate with other clubs and organizations in the future.”

In addition, BSU plans on hosting fundraisers later in the year to provide members with outside school activities to enhance their learning experience such as through visiting a museum of Black American history, as well as to support Black communities in need.

To avoid inactivity, the club strives to create more events, collaborations and fundraisers to spread awareness of the club. 

“The club holds a special place in my heart because throughout the years of being part of this club and now being a leader I can see true growth from individuals that are eager to make their voice heard and make a change in the world,” IOC rep senior Mianni Proza said via Instagram.