Former DB athlete sells personalized workout programs

As pandemic cases soar into the new year, the perpetual closures of gyms and lack of access to various equipment have led many to place a halt on their athletic aspirations. Timothy Lee, Diamond Bar High School 2019 graduate, has tried to fill this void with his customized fitness programs. 

Lee played for the water polo team as well as ran track and cross country throughout his four years at DBHS. During his sophomore year, he discovered his passion for lifting and began to experiment, uncovering new techniques and information throughout the process of his own physique transformation. With this newfound knowledge, Lee reached out to his peers, and soon became a mentor to many of his friends in helping them attain their own health goals. 

“I have experience from lifting since my sophomore year in high school and I’ve been able to make a transformation whether it was to gain weight/muscle or lose weight/look more lean,” Lee said via Instagram. “Fitness has always been a part of my life and I’ve always wanted to help others get what they’ve always wanted fitness wise.”

Seizing this as an opportunity, Lee now takes advantage of his former experience and offers his own personalized workout programs, which he tailors according to the desired outcome of his client. 

“Being on furlough leave from my job at [Cal Poly Pomona] made me think of ways I could keep some income for myself and family,” Lee said via Instagram. “Fitness has always been a part of my life and I’ve always wanted to help others; so people asking me for help and me being able to give back is one of my main motivations for this.”

Lee’s programs usually span from four to six weeks, with alterations made throughout the period to implement the feedback he receives from his clients. Included in his program is also nutritional guidance, in which Lee offers tips for meal plans and insight on crucial supplements to best target the individual’s goals. 

“The personaliz[ation] in this program is based on the Google Form in my bio, it tells me what my client’s goals are and allows me to gauge what exercises I can give them based on what equipment they have or if they have certain restrictions,” Lee said via Instagram. “So all of it is very situational and there’s a lot of variables that go into it.”

Though fitness may seem to be a simple concept and fitness plans tend to become repetitive, Lee said that the sole reason for the effectiveness of his workouts to be in his attention to small details in training that are often neglected. 

“ It’s very methodical from why certain exercises are recommended down to the amount of sets and reps that I recommend,” Lee said via Instagram. “Most people want to be more lean or lose weight and the thing some people don’t get is that it’s not a complicated process, it just takes a lot of consistency and the right, specific exercises.” 

Though inaccessibility to facilities has led Lee to encounter some obstacles when offering private coaching sessions, he said that he believes it continues to play a pivotal role in one’s progress, especially during quarantine, where many are struggling with fitness.

“I offer one-on-one coaching because especially with COVID it’s hard to find the motivation to do things especially fitness wise,” Lee said via Instagram. “With the one-on-one, I am able to be right on their tail to push them, help keep track of, say times, for example if I recommend doing interval training. It’s sort of a mental aspect that I try to help.” 

Lately Lee has received interest from people of all age groups, mostly college students. With more time on his hands, Lee is looking to launch new content as his platform continues to expand. 

“Specific workout programs will be coming soon, such as programs for gaining muscle mass, getting cut, being more athletic, or even jumping higher,” Lee said via Instagram. “There is much more to come.” 

Lee believes he serves to not only be a catalyst in propelling many to their fitness goals, but also an accompaniment in personal progress as well. Through the development of his programs, Lee’s connections with strangers and ability to steer them toward fulfilling their dreams has only broadened his own sense of gratitude. 

“I like being a part of people’s lives knowing that I am making a difference, no matter how small or big it is,” Lee said via Instagram. “Things like this really makes you appreciate things in life and not take things for granted.”

Lee’s programs start at a baseline price of $20 and are featured on his Instagram page @timothynotsoghetto.