Classes for creativity

With a stroke of a brush, Diamond Bar High School junior Elisa Lopez transformed her hobby of painting into a business–not by means of selling her work, but by teaching her craft to others.
Ever since October 2020, Lopez has been giving art classes to children ages 4-12 years old for $60 per month, while providing any needed materials such as easels or paint. She generally teaches youngsters the fundamentals of art, like painting simple objects, but they can also draw other things they’re interested in.
“I started giving little kids art lessons in my house patio, but I recently moved my workspace to the public area of the residence I live in [which is in Mexico],” Lopez said via Instagram.
Lopez said that all of her classes are hosted in person, while maintaining COVID safety guidelines. Currently, she said that she has eight students who she gives lessons to on either Saturdays or Wednesdays. In all, students have four classes each month.
Lopez said that she was inspired to start her business because her father had initially suggested it as a way to use extra art supplies.
“Starting quarantine, my dad brought to the house a bunch of easels he got from a museum that no longer needed [the supplies],” Lopez said. “The idea of teaching just popped off from my dad’s head, and as soon as I heard it, I was committed to do something innovating.”
What further encouraged her to start was her affinity for working with children, along with her passion for painting in general.
“ I’ve been painting since elementary school, and it is one of my favorite things to do,” Lopez said.
She started advertising her classes with posters, but at the moment, she advertises via her Instagram, @artclassesbyelisa.
Aside from giving paid classes, Lopez also hosts free art lessons at an orphanage on Tuesdays. As it’s volunteer work, these classes are free and she provides any needed supplies as well. Because of their larger class size she requires a teaching assistant.
“I make sure to bring with me one of my sisters to help me out as an assistant due to the large amount of students I work with that day,” she said.
In the end, Lopez said that she finds her business enjoyable not only because she’s able to make a profit off it, but she also gets to spend time helping kids.
“I love children, which is why I hardly find it as a job and more as a hobby,” Lopez said.