Campus return includes tutorial


Since April 19, Diamond Bar High School has allowed in-person tutorial sessions to provide students with extra guidance from their teachers.
Previously, teachers could only host online Zoom calls for the 80-minute period, but students now have the option to make an appointment and visit their teachers on campus. However, Zoom calls will still remain an option for those who can’t or do not want to go to campus.
“I think it’s just what we need since we’ll have more resources made available to us. It also promotes more effective learning in a classroom environment instead of a completely silent Zoom call with only the teacher speaking,” sophomore John Han said via Instagram.
The tutorial period may act as a learning experience in preparation for the campus opening up this coming fall. Making sure the measures put in place are effective and capable of keeping students safe and assuring worried parents about the safety of their children.
The sign-up process varies teacher to teacher, but most students have been asked to fill out a Google form or email their teacher in order to schedule an in-person meeting.
“They [the district] sent us Google Forms so that students can see what times are available for tutorial. It’s interesting because the other day I had two students in-person and three online so it was a little harder to deal with but I just switched between the both and I try to help both groups a little bit at a time,” AP science teacher Teresa Herbert said.
At the front gate of the school, students will be required to respond to a health screening Google form before being allowed to proceed to campus grounds. In the classroom, students will be socially distanced with desks kept six feet apart and surrounded by plexiglass screens.
Subjects for the in-person tutorial period will rotate based on day and time, being held from 1:10-1:50 pm and 1:50-2:30 pm from Monday to Thursday. English, ELD and science will take place during the first tutorial period on Mondays and Wednesdays while world languages, applied arts and CTE will be held during the second period. Math and history will take place Tuesdays and Thursdays during the first block and Technology, Performing Arts and PE will follow. There is no tutorial period on Fridays because they are reserved for teacher prep, staff meetings and now, senior activities.
“It’s a little weird in how we’re transitioning back but I think it’s a good change nonetheless. It’s probably for those who are still struggling in distance learning or those in special situations where they can’t distance learn properly,” freshman Lucas O’Brien said via Discord.