2022 class officer positions announced

Music videos, skits, and flyers filled class officer candidates’ online profiles in the election for 2021-2022 school year officer positions. When the results of the election were announced on May 1, Akash George (2022), Michelle Chan (2023) and Justin Kung (2024) were elected class presidents.

For the class of 2022, Allen Wang was elected as the vice president, Theodore Chen as the secretary treasurer, Carissa Wu as the social chairperson, and Alan Zhang as historian. As for the Class of 2023, Marcus Fang will be the vice president, Peter Park the sec/treasurer, and Kaitlin Chow the social chairperson. Class of 2024 saw Ryan Giang be elected as vice president, Priya George as secretary treasurer, Joy Ahn as social chairperson, and Yuhan (Aileen) Chen elected as historian.

Two officers, senior secretary treasurer Theo Chen and freshman vice president Ryan Giang, took musical approaches to campaigning by creating their own music videos.

“I met up each time [with friends] to work on picking a song, lyrics, coming up with scenes, and filming,” Chen said via text.

Chen’s rap video, titled “Ten Freaky Goals,” a parody of 21 Savage’s “Ten Freaky Girls,” was distributed on Instagram, garnering over 1,500 views.

Giang also made a music video, titled “Contender.” The video focuses on overcoming haters to become “a better contender” for vice president.

“I thought making a rap vid would be creative and would make me memorable,” Giang said via Instagram.

Freshman class president Justin Kung’s campaign demonstrated that music wasn’t the only unique campaigning method.

“This year, I chose the theme of my campaign to be ‘Shark Tank,” Kung said via Instagram. ”

Kung used this theme to take a unique approach to campaigning that would stand out.

Now that results are final, the newly elected officers are already at work planning upcoming events for next school year and upholding their campaign promises.

“The idea of senior year is about unity and relaxation,” next year’s senior class president Akash George said via Instagram. “Especially with COVID, our sophomore and junior years have been really tough. My goal for senior year is to make it as fun and rewarding as possible for all of our hard work.” 

Meanwhile, freshman secretary treasurer Priya George looks to host events in the upcoming year, such as cooperative socials for students, to help bolster these ideals of companionship alongside her fellow officers.

“I know this next year with the officers will be smooth and fun because many of us have worked together before and talk regularly,” George added. “Our skills complement each other well, so I see a successful year coming our way.”

Kung reflected similar sentiments about his co-officers, and looks forward to a year that he believes will be made better with their teamwork.

“Frankly, I feel like I will get along great with my fellow officers,” he said. “I am confident that my fellow officers are as determined and ambitious in planning and creating morale-boosting, engaging activities as I am. I feel that the officers and I all strive…to make the school year as enjoyable as possible.”