Wrestlers move on to CIF Individuals

Despite being undermanned, the Diamond Bar High School wrestling team has had several individuals who climbed to the top of their league weight class.

Though the team hasn’t been able to compete at its usual meets, many of the wrestlers achieved individual feats.

“Season has been tougher since we are a young team. Coach has been trying to keep everyone’s attitude and mindset positive while tapering down on intense practices in preparation for CIF,” senior Dylan Wong said.

Sophomore Ryan Wong won league finals in the 113 weight class, and senior captain Wong and sophomore Marcus Tan both were runner-ups in their weight class 132 pounds and 145 pounds, respectively.

By claiming several top spots in their league, the boys received the chance to wrestle at CIF Southern Section Individuals last Friday.

With those boys duking it out in the postseason, only two wrestlers placed within their weight class. In the 132 weight class, Dylan impressively placed eighth amongst the top athletes from other high schools.

“I tried my best and did everything I could to perform the best… I’m disappointed I’m not advancing to the CIF Masters Meet,”  Dylan Wong said. “The greatest thing about wrestling is that it is the most unforgiving sport. No matter how hard you work you have to stay mentally in check. A single negative thought before a match can flip the entire outcome.”

On the other hand, his brother, Ryan, found his way into the Top 3, placing 3rd in his 113 weight class.

With a 5-1 record in CIF, Ryan Wong will be the only wrestler from DBHS to move onto the Masters Meet.

With an emphasis on attitude, head coach Andre Bonafe prepared the Brahmas by establishing the correct mindset going into the playoffs. Also, he held intense conditioning practices to make sure the athletes weren’t getting beat due to stamina.

“I had to dig really deep in my matches because as I got closer to first place in the tournament, the matches got harder. I had to use my will power to fight through the challenge and the hard work from Coach Andre made me mentally strong,” Ryan Wong said.

Though the boys won’t have their veterans for the next season, the members already have improvements to make, since not many wrestlers placed at CIF.

“We need more people to join and to stick with it instead of quitting,” Dylan Wong said. “The future of DBHS wrestling has some hope, but we need more leadership among the younger guys. They just look at us for something instead of thinking on their own.”