Walking through the decades in style

As the trends of each decade come and go, shoes remain the most important part of any outfit. They represent an individual’s personal style and can turn even the simplest of outfits into a bold statement. Oftentimes, the shoes today mimic styles from the past. Let’s take a look at where the footsteps from the last forty years have led us:

1980s: Penny Loafers

While the 1980s are mostly associated with bright and bold clothing pieces, another genre of style called “prep” was popular, featuring collared shirts and tailored pants. Loafers from the brand Bass Weejun were styled by men and women alike in very similar ways. Utilizing brands such as Izod, these shoes were paired with polo tops and khakis to create a clean-cut, conservative look.

1990s: Doc Martens

Along with ripped jeans and flannel shirts, combat boots were an essential part of ‘90s grunge fashion. Much like today, these shoes were often paired with dresses to juxtapose a traditionally feminine piece of clothing with something edgier and traditionally masculine. Alternatively, pairing the boots with stonewashed jeans and an oversized band tee was also a go-to look for  both men and women. Black and maroon Docs were the most popular color of the time. 

2000s: Kitten Heels

These shoes were the go-to for  finishing off the popular minimal silhouette of the early 2000s. With their low heels and dainty straps, these shoes are both easy and comfortable to walk in. This made it a versatile piece that could be worn with a variety of outfitsincluding some sort of low waisted bottom and a cropped shirtto more professional attire for work, swapping out the jeans and T-shirt for a skirt and blouse. While black was a more classic option, neon colored heels were also popular.

2010s: Converse

No casual outfit was  complete without throwing on a basic pair of sneakers. The high top version of these classic shoes were  paired primarily with skinny jeans, while the low tops are easier to style. They were worn from season to season since their fit is generally looser around the ankle and didn’t  cut one’s leg off at an awkward place if worn with shorts.

2020s: Nike Air Force 1s

A more timeless alternative to the ultra-chunky dad shoes from this year has been white Nike Air Force 1s. The shoe’s platform provides height, which elongates the legs while still being very comfortable. From pairing them with basic jeans and a sweater to using them to dress down the girliness of a midi skirt, they are a versatile pair of shoes that can be worn with any outfit. Its neutral white color makes it easy to match with anything from statement pieces to casual outfits.