Using Youtube to stay fit during quarantine

With gyms and training facilities closed again without a definite date of return, it’s important to remember that staying fit and healthy is possible within the safety of our homes. Here are four of my personal favorite YouTube channels to follow for workouts, based  on how challenging, engaging, effective and convenient they are. 

Psyche Truth is a yoga based YouTube channel with a large variety of videos that  can help you with internal wellness, pain relief, weight loss and tone sculpting. Perfect for those who love a refreshing, movement based workout, there are videos for advanced yoga lovers as well as beginner-friendly videos for those who are just starting out. Psyche Truth is known to have some of the most challenging yoga workout videos online.

       They can really help you connect your mind and movements together in an engaging and fun experience. The only equipment you’ll need is a Yoga mat. I enjoy doing the “22 minute Yoga Body” or the “15 minute Morning Stretch” videos to really envigorate my muscles and mind for the day.

Next on the list is MadFit,  a channel managed by Maddie Lymburner with over four million subscribers. Unlike Psyche Truth which focuses entirely on Yoga, MadFit has workout videos that encompass different forms of exercise such as low impact stretching, high intensity cardio, dance workouts and even weight and resistance training. 

The majority of MadFit’s videos do not require equipment, however, some call for barbells and resistance bands which is slightly inconvenient. MadFit’s workouts are intensive however I wouldn’t say they are incredibly strenuous. It is a bit hard to stay engaged during her videos, especially her low impact one’s. They aren’t very challenging so I prefer her more intense videos for an engaging and effective workout. 

 MadFit’s channel is perfect for those who are just starting out with exercising, especially at home. My go-to videos on MadFit’s channel would be her “10 minute Cardio” or her “Inner and Outer Thigh” workouts. 

 At the beginning of quarantine, Chloe Ting started a fitness trend with her free two week shred program on YouTube.  It has taken the internet by storm with many people claiming huge weight loss as a result of Ting’s videos. After experiencing her free two week shred program online, I can definitely see why many have joined the craze.

 With over 12.5 million subscribers and over 195 million views, Ting’s channel has workouts that are incredibly challenging and target certain areas of your body. Ting’s videos on average are shorter than the other channels listed; however the exercises performed are of much higher intensity compared to the other channels’ with minimal breaks in between movements.

 Another plus: none of Ting’s videos require any equipment, making her channel very convenient for those at home. Ting’s workouts are perfect for those who are into hard workouts and need something to keep fit during these times. My favorite video from her channel would have to be her “Get Abs in Two Weeks” video from her two week shred program. My core never ceases to feel totally burnt out after those 11 minutes.

At the top of my list of favorite fitness Youtube channels would be the one hosted by Pamela Reif. With over four million subscribers, Reif’s at home workouts are the most difficult and engaging  of the four channels I reviewed, causing you to sweat within minutes. She posts frequently on her channel, constantly updating her subscribers with new content and ensuring that they are active at home. 

Reif’s videos have a large variety to choose from, with videos that target every body part. She even has workout videos with guest celebrities such as Jason Derulo to make things more exciting. Reif’s videos are the most challenging due to the high difficulty exercises and no breaks, which is why they are perfect for school athletes or regular gym lovers as a substitute from their old routine. I highly recommend doing Reif’s Ab workout videos or her lower body workout videos for a great ab or lower body day.