Staff yoga


Being behind a screen all day not only impacts students it takes a toll on teachers as well. So when psychology teacher Isabella Chiang led a yoga group for Wellness Wednesday, several staff members decided to participate.

With Diamond Bar High School’s new Wellness Wednesday events, discussion of mental health has been emphasized. Once a month, physical wellness is also highlighted in an instructional video. 

Chiang, with the help of stagecraft teacher Jacob Kaitz, filmed herself conducting a 30-minute yoga session with staff on campus. 

“We promoted this event in one of our staff meetings and it was very well received,” Chiang said via email. 

The video was then released on various social media platforms such as the DBHS website for students to view and follow. It was also released to Chiang and Kaitz’s Google Classrooms.

“Yoga is extremely beneficial during the times of COVID-19.” Chiang said. “Everyone is going through very stressful and emotional situations. “

 In a past staff club, Grub Club, teachers once bonded and shared their passions and hobbies with one another. When it was Chiang’s turn to come up with a way to keep teachers connected, she expressed her interest in yoga, leading her to lead a yoga group with the teachers. 

“This isn’t the first time I’ve taught yoga or mindfulness to the staff so they’re familiar with my involvement in [social and emotional learning],” she said.

Along with teaching yoga, Chiang said that in her spare time, she has created a fundraiser partnering with iDance Studio two years ago to raise funds for yoga equipment to aid in yoga classes for staff.

Unlike most other physical activities, yoga incorporates mindfulness in its many stretches. Chiang said she also emphasized the importance of prioritizing an individual’s wellbeing during the session.

“We store a lot of stress in our bodies and yoga is a way for us to be mindful of how we’re feeling and to utilize our breath to bring a sense of calmness and peace into our lives.”