Senior Column: Josh Kim

It’s funny how things work out: I never would have thought that I’d join the school newspaper, let alone be an editor of any kind. What I originally saw as free credits for Brahma Tech my sophomore year turned into a life-changing and unforgettable experience within The Bull’s Eye. 

Despite being the natural clown and loud person I am, it was surprisingly hard to adjust to DBHS. Coming from a different school through District of Choice left me in a new environment where I knew nobody. It was easy to make friends but I never felt like I belonged, continuing through that first  year. Fast forward to the end of my freshman year, when two editors from The Bull’s Eye came into my English I Honors class. Like any other student when people come in to make announcements, I half-listened. The same old formula of talking about why “blank” is so good and why you should join “blank” didn’t appeal to me at all, but I was sort of interested in becoming a better writer. 

Going through Journalism I paved the way for me finding my enjoyment in writing and eventually the school newspaper. From going through the wrong door on the first day of class and asking Mr. List if I could eat in his class to boasting about my lame headlines in J1 and acting like a fool in Mr. List’s class, I’ll always cherish the memories I made in Journalism.

Journalism has not only improved my writing but allowed for me to make great friends and memories. From missing last year’s seniors to being one myself, it’s crazy how close we all can get on staff. I’ll miss screwing around with Johnny and Ryan to the point where Mr. List takes points off my grade, annoying Mr. List with my obnoxious laugh, and just being in the company of my fellow seniors and staff members. While I’m ecstatic to be finished with high school, I’ll definitely miss being in room 459 (rest in peace room 563).

For the teachers that made my time at DBHS better, I’m forever grateful to you for making learning something to look forward to. Though they’re not here anymore, if you ever read this, thank you Mr. Moran and Mrs. Lee.

Thank you Mrs. Arionus for making math an actually enjoyable subject. Your great teaching and fun personality made me enjoy coming to sixth period Trig every day. Thank you for being patient with me as I bombarded you with questions during and outside of class. 

Thank you Mrs. Kelly for being the best teacher I could ask for as an AP Lang and Lit student. I loved going to your class every day and learning about the wide world of English as well as seeing your amazing and caring personality. I’ll never forget your one line of many that always cracks me up: “I’m super excited to give you guys this opportunity to earn some points!”

Above all else, thank you Mr. List for everything. Even though you hear/read this every year, there is no doubt that every response is truly heartfelt and real. That’s how special you are to us, myself included. Thank you for being someone I majorly respect and admire for your wisdom and genuineness as a person. I’ll miss experiencing your no-filter attitude and sarcastic jokes on a daily basis when I’m in college.

To all my teachers this second semester, I’m sorry for not doing my homework because quarantine has turned my brain into mush. I still love and respect you guys, but my brain does not function properly anymore.

Love you forever Bull’s Eye!!!!!