Summer activities on a budget

Summer elicits memories of endless days spent enjoying the sunshine and relaxing with friends, but in reality, the majority of vacation is spent lying in bed, finishing summer homework and being attached to cell phones. Yet, even the simplest of things can be fun and exciting, especially when hanging out with the right crowd.

Drive-in Theaters

This event may seem a little outdated, but it remains as enjoyable as any other outing. Few remain in Southern California, but two are within a close drive from Diamond Bar. Mission Tiki Drive-In Theatre is located in Montclair and has an admission price of $9, while the Vineland Drive-In Theater is located in Industry. General admission, for ages 9 and older, is $10.

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Thrift shops

Shopping in this way is becoming exceedingly popular with students who are looking to buy new outfits that are trendy yet on budget. Goodwill is a popular location that many thrifters begin at. The store takes donations and sells used items for far less than its original price. Clothes are sold at an average of $5. Goodwill also auctions clothes online.

Another popular outlet for used clothes is Sunday’s Best Thrift Apparel, located in southeast Los Angeles. It is known for having clothes that are vintage. There is also a cat there, and many reviews say that the service is very good. Here, most of the clothes are on a slightly pricier scale of $15-20.

Hiking trails

This activity allows one to meet up with their friends and get some exercise at the same time. Located in Diamond Bar, the Summitridge Trail is popular among locals. It is actually three trails combined into one. Parking is free and the hiking trail has no cost. The trail can start and end in the Diamond Bar Community Center.

Another popular hiking trail is the Claremont Wilderness Trail, which is a five-mile hike located in Claremont. Like the Summitridge Trail, there is no cost to hiking here, but the parking gets packed very quickly. It has a loop and contains a gazebo at the top.

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Beaches and piers

Going to the beach is an essential activity during the summer season. The oceanside is the perfect location for bonfires, biking routes and sunset watching. Santa Monica Beach is very popular for its pier, which contains an amusement park and an aquarium. The amusement park offers games and rides that are priced individually at $5-10, while admission to the aquarium is only $5.

Abalone Cove Ecological Preserve is another great beach to visit. There are many tide pools to enjoy and places to hike while soaking in the sea. However, it is a bit of a drive, located in Rancho Palos Verdes. Parking is dependent on how long one stays, but it has a flat rate of $12 after staying there for two hours.