PRO: Presidential age cap ensures a healthy president in office

In order for a natural-born U.S. citizen to run for president, he or she must be at least 35 years old. This age requirement was put in place to ensure that the people running for our nation’s most coveted and highest ranking position would be mature and responsible.

However, once a person reaches a certain age, he or she is too physically and mentally unreliable to become president. This is why there needs to be an age cap of 65 for candidates who run for the presidency. 

One of the worst things that could happen to a nation is the death of a president. Although the vice president will step up to fulfill the president’s role, chaos could ensue especially if we were in the middle of a crisis or war. Many other problems would also arise from a president’s untimely death, such as instability and economic fluctuation. It would create a long lasting political impact on the nation. 

Throughout American history, eight presidents have passed away in office out of 44 presidents that have served. Four were due to natural causes. This is one problem that could be easily solved. By setting a maximum age for someone to run for president, the nation can greatly lower the chances of the leader dying in office. 

Another reason there should be an age cap for the presidency is the lack of mental sharpness found in older people. Although people do get wiser over the years, many mental diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s can hit people as early as in their 60s. 

Having a mental disease would impair a president’s ability to fulfill his or her responsibilities. Running an entire nation can also be an extremely stressful and draining job for someone who is weaker in the body and mind. 

To provide an example, 78-year-old presidential candidate Bernie Sanders recently suffered from a heart attack while campaigning. Although Sanders stated that he will continue to run for the presidency, this situation shows us how fragile and susceptible to sickness old people can be. It would be disastrous if Sanders were to win and suffer another heart attack while in office. 

Another problem is the lack of attention on the vice president candidate. Many people only follow the president during campaigns, causing them to know little to nothing about their vice presidents. 

This can become a huge problem since the vice president has a crucial role in the government: the vice president is responsible for taking over the presidency if the president passes away or is removed from office. This is important because someone who people may not be familiar with, may become president due to an untimely death.

Not only will an age cap prevent possible tragedies, it brings innovative ideas of the younger generation to the presidency, allowing the nation to move forward. 

This is why taking the time to read up on all candidates and having an age cap is important. Doing so will help maintain the overall stability of the government if the President were to pass away.