Night rally creates new experience

For the first time in Diamond Bar High School history, USB hosted a Night Rally,  a pre-celebration for the Branding Iron football game and the fall sports rally.

The Night Rally was held the same night as the annual Rodeo Round Up event the school puts on to welcome in the new school year. Both events were focused on bringing more school spirit to DBHS.

Senior Stephanie Shih, who was responsible for planning the rally, said her goal was to bring attention to the many different activities present on campus.

“I wanted to showcase the different sports and performing arts to give them attention at the beginning of their season instead of the end,” Shih said. “I wanted the rally to have spirit and have a more relaxed feeling since games and food were incorporated. Just welcoming people back to school and reminding them to look forward to our sports and performing arts in the upcoming season.”

To start the rally, members from the Marquis choir sang  the National Anthem. They were followed by performances by the dance team, marching band, commercial music, color guard, cheer, song and drama.

The night rally, held was outside in the amphitheater, featured a DJ who helped keep the energy high with popular music. The event was also enhanced by a lighting system that helped set the mood.  

“This rally was different because there was more freedom. We had more spacing and more things we could do because it was after school,” Shih said.

Toward the end of the rally, Commercial Music band played the Twisted Sister song “We’re Not Gonna Take It,”  leading many students to start dancing, creating a mosh pit.

“We didn’t force people to go to the rally, only people who wanted to go went, and that’s how the atmosphere was very spirited and sparked Brahma spirit once again,” Shih said.

Before the rally officially ended, USB President Jonathan Song came up on stage and led the Brahma spell-out.

The rally had a large turn out, with parents, faculty and district administration coming out to show support for the teams and students.

“I was very surprised at how well it went because I received a lot of negative feedback when telling people about the event,” Shih said.

The Rodeo Round-Up event offered various carnival-like activities including a petting zoo, face paint, games and food.

The food was provided by the different Magnificent Seven parent groups and Brahma Boosters. Each of the MAG Seven groups sold different food options, offering a variety of foods to choose from.