Lukas Amare breaks school’s 1600 record

The junior Amare already holds 2 Top 10 DBHS records in long distance.

Lukas Amare running on the right

Lukas Amare running on the right

Endurance. Fast pacing. Iron lungs. Junior Lukas Amare holds three historic records at Diamond Bar High School  by utilizing all of these skills  in his distance running.

By running a 4 minute and 23 second in the 1600 meter run at the Arcadia Invitational, he surpassed class of 2017 alumni Paul Abdo’s run by a solid 12 seconds to see the school record.

“Honestly, I’m very happy because I didn’t expect it to happen… it was crazy,” Amare said.

 Not only did he establish  a 1600 meter record, but Amare also ran two miles in 9 minutes and 43 seconds to move into third on DB’s all time list in the 3200 meter event during the Ontario Meet.

During his sophomore year, Amare said he felt that he wasn’t working hard enough to improve his time in the long distance events. However, he said that he used his strong Christian faith as motivation and he pushed himself to work on running rather than relax like most other students during summer break. He would run a path in Phillips Ranch called the Green Belt and take long treks to Chino Hills to improve his body’s endurance.

“It’s about getting in shape and being able to run comfortably during long distances,” Amare said. “Honestly, it’s also about getting sharper and getting a consistent fast run going,”

Later on in the summer, Amare worked on his form and speed, key factors in his mile run. He trained his body both physically and mentally to run through the feeling of fatigue to beat his previous times. To work on form, he had distance coach Nico Jauregui show him the problems with his running form so he could fix his mistakes.

Though Amare already holds the top DBHS records in distance, he is working towards completing his bigger goals for the rest of the season and wants to beat every single one of his runs in his next season. He hopes to win three league championships in the 800 meter run, 1600 meter run and 3200 meter run. He also wants to make it past the first round of CIF.

Next year, Amare wants to continue to pursue a spot in the Top 10 DB list for the 800 run and make the state championship.

“Im gonna be more aggressive in terms of racing, trying to finish strong during races no matter how fatigued I am,” Amare said.