Late Night Bites

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to eat with friends after school, a meal with family during the weekend or a late night snack, it can be hard to find restaurants that are open at the right time. These restaurants have the perfect solution to your problems—open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Sun Nong Dan Korean Restaurant

Sun Nong Dan, located in Rowland Heights, is perfect for large groups. The restaurant serves Korean comfort food, with a wide variety of hot soups. Of their specialties, the beef short rib soup is the most popular, coming in three sizes: individual for $16.99, medium for $64.99 and large for $74.99, with the latter two sizes being portioned for parties. Individual sizes come with the option of purple or white rice and extra meat. The restaurant is also conveniently suitable for late-night study sessions, as its large tables and booths provide ample space for study materials.

18902 A East Gale Ave.
Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Molcasalsa Mexican Food

Molcasalsa is a classic Mexican restaurant in Fullerton. Their pricing is suited to the more budget-conscious individuals looking for a cheap bite a step above fast food. The menu mainly consists of their combination plates, which come with rice and beans. They also offer their tacos, tostadas and other dishes a la carte. Molcasalsa has a special breakfast menu: burritos filled with scrambled eggs, cheese and a meat of your choice for $3.40, with the exception of the carne asada, which is $4.65. The interior is not suited to dine-in groups—instead, the bar-style seating is perfect for quick visits just to pick up takeout.

Salt & pepper Family Restaurant

Fullerton’s Salt & Pepper Family Restaurant is the epitome of the classic American diner. The restaurant’s selections for breakfast are available all day and night, such as the $13.99 eggs benedict, which come with an enormous side of hashbrowns. The generous portion sizes at this restaurant are perfect for sitting down and watching a sports game with friends or family. In addition, the waitstaff is very attentive, ready to fill drinks at all times. If one is in a hurry, they also offer takeout.