Dressing up for Halloween spirit

Haven’t decided on a Halloween costume yet? Here are five costumes to consider that are guaranteed to bring a smile or laugh to those around you.

Costume Idea #1: M&M/Hydroflask

With a large group of friends, this costume idea would work well. All one needs are rainbow shirts and then either white paint or an iron-on a sticker. Most people have a colored shirt lying around in their house somewhere, but if they don’t, places like Walmart or Michaels sell them for $8 or less. After getting a shirt, iron on the “M” from M&Ms or a hydro flask icon, which can be found online and may vary depending on what you choose to do. Adding any accessories to each piece is optional. If one doesn’t add any, tracing an outline on the shirt before painting with white paint costs $3 but will complete the look. – Tiffany Li

Costume Idea #2: Cartoon Characters

 Many teenagers have turned to cartoons to find inspiration for their Halloween costumes. Many teens D.I.Y. their cartoon costumes as these shows are nostalgic and a convenient way to dress up with friends. One can easily create their own by buying a solid-colored shirt from Michael’s and painting on their design. One can also bring their costume up a notch by wearing matching accessories or a matching tutu (which they can also D.I.Y. with tulle, a sort of mesh fabric, and an elastic band). Some ideas for cartoon characters can be the PowerPuff Girls, My Little Pony and SpongeBob. The overall cost is $15, with the shirt costing $5 and the paint and supplies costing $10 and can be purchased from Michael’s. – Alinah Liu

Costume Idea #3: Area 51 Alien

The Area 51 Raid was one of 2019’s highlights, with over one million people pledging to go on Facebook, even though only 75 people actually attended the event. Although the event is over, you can channel their inner alien by dressing up in a funny and creative inflatable alien costume. This  is also very easy to get since one doesn’t need to D.I.Y. or assemble anything. The costume can be purchased from Amazon and cost anywhere between $25-$40, depending on the seller. – Alinah Liu

Costume Idea #4: Area 51 Alien

Break down the walls of having a typical spooky look by dressing up as the Kool-Aid Man for Halloween. Available for $57 on Amazon, this costume comes with a jug-like body, as well as gloves. Though reviews show that it has very little support and is hollow, that can be easily fixed by filling the insides with pieces of cardboard. This costume will earn many a smile, chuckle or an “Oh yeah!” from some who take a glance at the wearer. – Marykate Palaris

Costume Idea #5: Eleven from Stranger things

A cute and trendy costume to wear for Halloween 2019 is Eleven, or El from “Stranger Things.” This Netflix inspired costume is guaranteed to draw plenty of attention and compliments. To prepare the outfit, you will need a pale pink dress with a white collar, and a simple navy blue jacket. – Deesha Pathak