A new alternative generation

Sick and tired of mindlessly listening to the same few songs on the radio, I have made it my personal mission to find unique artists in the Alternative genre.

This style was born in the 1980s underground music scene. Rock bands that weren’t signed to labels and or popular with the mainstream such as Minutemen defined this early stage of the genre. Today, Alternative music is characterized by a mix of rock instrumentals, subdued vocals and gloom lyrics.


COIN, a four man band from Nashville, is one of my favorites. This group harkens back to the rock origins of the genre. In their 2017 album “How Will You Know if You Never Try,” the standout track “Talk Too Much” has strong guitar riffs and drums that keep my head bobbing whenever I hear it.

        Their newest single, “Crash My Car,” is also a great song that features pick out guitar riffs. There are multiple rhythm and tempo changes that are exciting, even after many replays. The lyrics were inspired by fans who abandoned their car after an accident in order to make it to a COIN concert. The refreshing tone of the song and the humorous origins of its lyrics make “Crash My Car” a song that will always be on my playlist.


Another band, Wallows, is also quintessential to this genre. Best known as the lead of the hit Netflix teen drama, “Thirteen Reasons Why,” lead singer Dylan Minnitte’s melancholy vocals meld seamlessly with the instrumentals in every track they release. Their 2019 album, “Nothing Happens,” is their best work by far. Songs like “Sidelines” and “Scrawny” highlight heavy drums, greatly juxtaposing the more relaxed tracks on the album, such as “Worlds Apart.” With so many different vibes in one album, Wallows shows great versatility.


        Featured on Wallows’s heartbreak anthem, “Aren’t You Bored Yet,” Clario is a female soloist that dominates Alternative music. While in high school, she started posting covers and songs on Soundcloud and Youtube. Clario signed to the music label Fader when her song “Pretty Girl” became viral, attracting more than 40 million views.

        Her newest album “Immunity,” shows her vulnerability through personal lyrics and soft vocals. “Bags” and “Sofia” resonates with me the most out of the 11 tracks. Both songs have upbeat instrumentals, punchy drums and most importantly Clario’s soothing, youthful voice.  She has a wide variety of sounds and I am always excited for any song she releases.