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Now Showing: Incredibles 2

Amelie Lee, Editor-In-Chief

After 14 years, Pixar has brought the Incredibles family back into the spotlight, allowing nostalgic fans and younger audiences alike to enjoy the movie’s cutting humor and memorable soundtrack. While not as heartwarming as the original, “The Incredibles 2” maintains the same tone and quality of its predecessor, while building a new story in the world already created.

Improving upon the simple animation of the early 2000’s, “The Incredibles 2” brings a sharper and more vivid picture of the Parr family, with simple details creating a realistic portrayal of each character. After Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) is sent to achieve legality for superheroes, Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) is left dealing with the intricacies of domestic life, handling Violet’s (Sarah Vowell) love life, Dash’s (Spencer Fox) math homework and the frustrations of taking care of a difficult infant.

Focusing on familial problems and fighting crime, the slower plot left its action packed fight scenes and Disney style humor to engage the audience. With a predictable villian and lackluster character build up, the movie didn’t seem to follow Pixar’s recent attempts at more emotional and innovative plotlines.

Instead, the film focuses on lengthy fight scenes that portray new aspects of the impressive powers of the characters, introducing fun new characters and heroes interacting and showing off their skills. In the same tone of the original, “The Incredibles 2” utilizes sarcastic quips and humor throughout the movie, keeping the story light and engaging for both children and adults.

While the plot was simplistic, the movie’s visuals and soundtrack provided a depth that lived up to Pixar’s higher standard. As well-made as the original film was for its time, “The Incredibles 2” creates a crystal clear portrayal of the original world. Seeing each character on the big screen in high definition was both nostalgic and novel at the same time, and the energy Pixar put into making the film visually appealing is clear. Scenes with Elastigirl whizzing through the city fully utilized color and design for a beautiful modern take on the Incredibles universe.

Although music hasn’t improved as rapidly as animation and technology, the new soundtrack brought elements of the original to an impressive new score. As catchy as the original, the soundtrack provides each heroic fight scene an upbeat backtrack that perfectly captures the tone of the story. With bouncy songs for every hero, as well as the classic Incredibles theme song, the soundtrack was by far the best part of the film, creating a more immersive experience.

While not as emotionally wrought as some of Pixar’s other more recent films, “The Incredibles 2” allows long time fans to return to a world now improved by impressive animation. Family-friendly and entertaining, those looking for family bonding and super powers can find a home with the Parr family.

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