Modeling for the future

After years of encouragement from her family, Diamond Bar High School junior Amber Fierro took her first step into the modeling industry at 13 years old and is now working as a runway model.

“I was always told that I should start modeling, and then when I was 13 I decided I wanted to pursue it,” Fierro said.

Since then, she has modelled swimsuit and fall lines.  Fierro has also modeled for brands such as Mudd, Pacsun and Forever 21.

Fierro has done open runway at many malls such as West Coast Plaza and said that she has become more confident from modeling in front of large crowds.

Although the modeling world is often shown as an intense line of work, Fierro feels fully supported because of her family.

“My family supports me the most in everything. They are always there for me and taking me to my training or practices for modeling and auditions,” Fierro said. “It doesn’t matter how far it is, how much it costs; they help me in everything.”

Through her agency, American Models and Actors, Fierro has attended multiple improvisation acting classes and is looking to pursue a career in the field.

“I would honestly want to do acting more than modeling, because with all the training I’ve had I feel confident,” Fierro said.

AMA requires its models and actors to maintain a 3.0 GPA, which is important to Fierro, as she said that many agencies don’t emphasize the importance of academics, with many models quitting school to focus on their careers. She believes that her education is just as important as her career.

“I try to stay positive when modeling and school are stressing me out,” Fierro said. “When I get stressed out I like to give myself some me-time… and think about all the positive instead of the negative. ”