Following the right keys


Photo courtesy of Andrew Chang

Andrew Chang (second from right) after his performance.

Click here to listen to Andrew’s performance:


After serenading the panel of judges with his audition music, Diamond Bar High School senior Andrew Chang was selected  to perform the same piece, “Time Pieces,” for a National Public Radio broadcast.

Chang performed the piece at Longwood Gardens in Philadelphia last month accompanied by guest pianist Peter Dugan. Chang described playing with Dugan and meeting the other performers as the most enjoyable part of the trip.

“It was a pretty cool experience because there’s a lot more people than my usual performances,” Chang said.

The event, which was hosted by From the Top, a national platform dedicated to recognizing young musicians, organized

six performances for the artists, including Chang. His performance will be aired on NPR on Nov. 5. He also gave an outreach performance, which was was also arranged by From the Top, for homeless people.

Chang first heard about this opportunity from his private clarinet teacher. To qualify, participants were asked to either send in a recording or do a live audition; if the participant was selected, they would be assigned to a show. To apply for the position, Chang did a live audition last year before a panel of judges. Chang was notified this summer through email that the performance would be live.         

“It’s a special feeling when you go on stage and you know that you were able to give a performance that really resonated with the audience or were able to connect to them with your music, and it’s a unique experience seeing hundreds of people waiting for you to play your music,” Chang said.

In addition, Chang is applying for the 2019 U.S. Presidential Scholar of the Arts. Chang will fly to Miami for the first weekend of November and have an audition and interview to be considered for the prestigious program.

“I think, for me, this makes all the hard work and practice worth it, and knowing that I can go on stage one more time and experience this again pushes me to go through all the practicing again,” Chang said.