Boba Showdown


Due to the rising popularity of boba, many new tea shops have opened to keep up with the trend. With  growing number of cafes around us, it can be hard to find the perfect place for boba. We visited new shops to find a perfect place for the next time you are craving boba.

Tea Brick has become popular among DBHS students due to its nearby location and cute Corgi designs on its containers. At the cafe, I ordered a Matchamisu with boba and Nutella cheese-cream. The drink’s total was $6. The service was fast and when I finally received my order, I was more than satisfied with the drink’s quality. The boba in the drink had a great consistency and flavor. Although the matcha was less sweet than I expected, the Nutella cheese foam balanced out the flavor by adding a rich and creamy sweeter taste to the drink. The drink was a great match for my taste.


Known for its delicious cheese foam drink, Omomo Tea Shoppe (Tancca) is another cafe that recently opened. When I arrived, I ordered the Uji Matcha milk tea with cheese foam and honey boba for $4.50. My drink was ready within 10 minutes. My order definitely did not disappoint. The thick and creamy cheese foam had the perfect sweet taste to it, with a hint of salt to mix up the flavors. The foam, paired with the light and refreshing matcha milk tea and chewy, sweet honey boba, made for a perfect combination. The drink’s flavor and consistency will definitely bring me back.


Royal Tea is a new boba shop in the Diamond Bar area. It has a trendy interior with areas to take pictures for social media. I ordered the jasmine green tea sea salt drink for $3.75. The foam-topped drink made for a refreshing and surprisingly flavorful drink. The tea itself was strong, yet not too bitter. It had a well-rounded flavor and would have been good on its own, but the sea foam was what really made the drink great. It was an unexpected blend of salty and sweet, which complemented the tea well. Royal Tea’s good drinks and cute decor will keep me coming back for more.


I had high expectations for Ding Cha, a recently opened shop. But Ding Cha’s disappointing drink and unpleasant atmosphere were a far cry from the social media hype. I ordered a Hokaido Black Milk Tea with honey boba and quarter sugar for $3.25. What I received was far from my expectations: the drink was too sweet with no balance between the caramel and milk. The overall experience was also unpleasant as there was no proper waiting area, and the space is poorly air conditioned. The combination of a disappointing drink and a bad atmosphere will deter me from going to Ding Cha ever again.