Dancing through the stages of life



Dance company members rehearsing their dance number, "Zero to Hero."

The Diamond Bar High School dance department will be focusing on the skills of student choreographers, working in various genres and featuring students from all levels of dance, in  the upcoming fall dance concert.

Coincidentally, students and dance director, Kari Simonson, had a similar concept in mind when coming up with the overarching theme of this year’s fall concert.

“It was ironic because I had the same idea [to] play around with the different generations that go through life,” Simonson said.

 Multiple styles of dance such as hip hop and musical theater will be showcased in the upcoming concert. All  male member Kellen Cheung is working on a hip hop piece called “Departure.”

“For the piece I choreographed, the style is more on the isolation side of hip hop,” junior Cheung said.      

The opening  performances showcase the innocence and happiness of childhood, including  “Nostalgia,” choreographed by junior Jean Kal, and Debbie junior Yim and “Dream Heroes,“ choreographed by senior Julie Amadeo.  

Voyaging beyond the wonders of childhood, the performances become more mature with themes regarding love and goals for the future. Some dances from this stage of life include “Childhood Dreams,” choreographed by senior Hersh Doshi and Cheung and “Falling in Love,” choreographed by Emily Imamura.

Near the end of the show, performers will signify the end of life with their pieces.  One of the dances is “I Don’t Wanna Be You Anymore,” choreographed by freshman Caitlyn Ho and Bianca Yen.  

Simonson said she wants the dance concert to be an opportunity for students of all dance levels to showcase their hard work, talent and creativity.

“[They are] such beautiful people that I want to share with others,” Simonson said.

The concert will be held  tomorrow and Friday at 7 p.m. at the DBHS theater. Tickets are available on the DBHS website for $10 and are $12 at the door.