Brahmas set for rally

BOYS TENNIS With a 10-8 loss to Claremont, the team must win the rest of its games to win league.



Senior Nicholas Wong rallies back and forth in a 14-4 win against Glendora.

Catherine Zhang , Editor-In-Chief

With ten returning players, the Diamond Bar High School boys tennis team continues its run of success, with a league record of 7-1 as the team  aims to once again win the Palomares League and reach CIF.

“It’s a pleasant surprise because I wasn’t sure how strong our team would be this year, considering we lost a couple of players from last year. But, it looks like we’re headed in the right direction,” captain Nicholas Wong said.

Prior to the April 11 match against Claremont, the team was placed in a stressful situation. Winning the match would have clinched the league title, whether it be shared with Claremont later or solely the Brahmas.

“The match is one of the most important of this season. The Claremont game will be a tall-tale of how our team acts under a lot of pressure. Every game, every match, every point, there will always be pressure,” Wong said.  “But this one is just magnified. As long as we can be confident in how we play and in each other, we should be good.”

Ultimately, the team lost 10-8 in the match, although the team keeps its hopes high for its next few league games against South Hills and Claremont.

“Yesterday’s match was a tough loss, but we know that Claremont was a tougher opponent. We know we have to play them one more time for league, so we get to know  how they play and next time we’ll be more prepared,” junior singles player Aadarsh Belliganud said.

The Brahmas’ match against Ayala, which they won 10-8, was especially important, as they realized extent of which other teams were dramatically improving.

“It was just surprising because in the past, they were not particularly strong. It caught us off guard but it was really important because if we lost that, it wouldn’t be looking that great for us right now.” Wong said.

Despite the team working to improve their skills and plays, spring break negatively impacted the team’s performance as half of the team was out for college visits, sickness and vacations.

With the opportunity to face off Claremont again in the season on April 24, head coach Carl Flint expressed confidence in the Brahmas as the two rivals are neck-and-neck. In the team’s next game against the Wolfpack, the Brahmas have an advantage of playing with home field advantage, a factor that Flint deems as beneficial for the team.

“Every year, they’re our rivals and we’re their rivals. So last year, we split, and we were co-tied for number one in league. Since we already lost to Claremont at their place, we’re hoping to pull out a win at our place with the home field advantage,” Flint said.

Due to the close nature of the sport and the 10-8 loss, Flint said  that the team may make a few minor changes in its line-up, but ultimately, the Brahmas are “capable” and “each player knows what he has to do.”

“A couple of changes possibly, but the guys know what they have to do to win against Claremont. It’s similar mindset, but having been through the last game, they’re stronger and they know exactly where to be. It’s mostly in their heads, I don’t really need to say anything to varsity, they know what they need to do,” Flint said.