Son of DBHS teacher killed in drive-by shooting

Brian Chang, News Editor

In a shooting Monday evening, an unknown gunman fired multiple shots during a drive-by shooting into a Pomona home where numerous families were gathered for dinner. Jonah Hwang, the 8-year-old son of Diamond Bar High School science teacher Johnny Hwang, was shot and killed, according to a story in the Los Angeles Times.

The family had adopted Jonah from an orphanage in Taiwan three years prior. In a statement released by the family, Jonah was described as fun-loving, energetic boy.

“He had an infectious smile and loved everyone and everything: sports, wrestling with his dad, running, laughing, superheroes,” the statement on a GoFundMe page reads. “Jonah was a light and joy in our household and we cannot imagine our family without him.”

The GoFundMe page was created by Sandi Hwang Adam, a relative of the Hwangs, to help cover funeral expenses. In less than 24 hours, 714 individuals had donated a total of $34,756, over three times the expected goal.

An investigation into the shooting is ongoing, according to the Pomona police department. It was also reported that the same house was the target of a shooting three weeks ago, though no one was injured according to the Times.