Apps to Aid Academics

Catherine Liu, Staff Writer

Whether it is waking up a few minutes later for school or procrastinating homework till the last minute, many of us start to get more relaxed with our time management as the weeks start to pass by. However, it is important to maintain your focus, and these are a few phone apps that can help you out.


If you tend to continuously hit the snooze button, this may be a good solution for you. Unlike other alarms, Alarmy won’t turn off at the click of a button. Instead, you are given a mission of your choice that will confirm you are awake: shaking your phone, answering a math problem or taking a photo of your sink, for example. Alarmy is a great app for waking up on time to study early in the morning or simply getting up in time for school.


Focus Keeper Free

To juggle work for multiple classes a day, it is important to manage your time wisely and make sure you have enough time to complete all your assignments. With Focus Keeper, you can set timers to manage the amount of time you spend working on your homework or preparing for a class. It alerts you with a ring to let you know time is up and allows you to have a preset five- minute breaks. By checking how much time you have left after each assignment, it helps you pace yourself to make sure you have time for your other assignments too.



For students with extra time on their hands, Memrise is a great app for learning new languages and improving your skill in languages you already know. Memrise provides different courses that start off with learning basic words and progresses to forming complex sentences. It also provides courses for other subjects, such as math, science and technology. Overall, Memrise is a great app due to its large variety of usages.