Unmasking the mascot

Senior DBHS USB President David Song poses in the Brahma mascot costume. This is his first year serving as the school mascot.

Cindy Liu, Staff Writer

Diamond Bar High School’s yellow and purple mascot has long been a familiar sight at rallies and events, running and waving alongside the crowd amidst a wave of cheers. However, while the Brahma is easily recognizable around campus, not many know who the student behind the costume is.

Turns out, the student inside the Brahma is pretty well known himself: USB president David Song, who is serving his first year as the school mascot. The senior stepped up for the job when asked if he was interested.

“The duty of the mascot is to get the student section hyped and to do super outlandish and ridiculous things,” Song said. “[The mascot is] a tradition that we brought back. It’s cool to be a part of that.”

Song spends from 10 minutes up to over an hour inside the suit, rallying student spirit and attending various community and school events.

Naturally, moving around wearing a full body suit on a hot day can quickly heat up inside.

The unbearable heat, difficulty to see through the head of the costume and the awkwardly sized costume are only some of the obstacles Song encounters when he’s wearing the suit.

“I remember I walked into a pole, but that’s about as extreme as it gets. It’s a pretty tame job,” Song explained. “Usually my friends will keep an eye on me.”

While Song is the main DBHS mascot, he occasionally switches off with fellow USB senior Paul Bang, who suited up as the mascot for the recent Rodeo Roundup, and other USB members who are interested.

For some time in the past years, the Brahma suit was transferred between the custody of pep and video production before it was returned to USB.

“[The suit’s] gotta get cleaned, you gotta store it, and you have to get kids to wear it. Luckily, we have kids who are willing but it’s not an easy job,” Activities Director Janna Van Horn said. “It’s not just being a DBHS student; it’s being a Brahma and being part of the Brahma family. I think when David steps into it, he completely epitomizes that.”

For now, the mascots will be chosen within USB, but that might change with increased student interest in serving in the role. Previously, there was a mascot team and the tradition might be revived if enough students are willing to become mascots, according to Song.

“It’s really hot, it’s  cramped, you can’t see correctly, but it’s a unique experience,” Song said.