Top Guy, Roubian


Brian Chang, Asst. News Editor

New facilities and building numbers are only a few of the changes that were made while Guy Roubian was away, but the new interim principal will have plenty of time to familiarize himself with the campus while he stands in for Denis R. Paul, as the district continues to search for a new principal.

Brother of Diamond Bar High School English teacher Daniel Roubian, Guy Roubian was one of the original teachers at the school when it opened in 1982, serving as the auto shop teacher. Afterwards, he took on an administrative role as a Grade Level Coordinator. In 1995, Roubian bade farewell to DBHS in search of an administrative job, becoming the vice principal at Upland High School.

Five years later, Roubian found himself as the principal of Upland, a position he held for 10 years. Then in 2010, Roubian said goodbye to the school, and made a living as the director of the Human Resources Department for the Ontario-Montclair School District.

Last June, Roubian retired, and is now working out of retirement as DBHS’s interim principal, a position he acknowledges as similar to his previous one at Upland, albeit with some changes.

“I haven’t been a principal for six years,” Roubian said. “One of the hardships is learning the new policies that are important to run a school, and to be sure that I’m following all the current laws and requirements.”

Since they are retired, Roubian and Paul are both held back in terms of the amount of hours they can put in at the school. Most retirement plans feature limits on how much a retiree can earn, and Paul had been approaching that limit. Roubian was called in to relieve Paul, who will be returning to finish off the semester on April 29.

Twenty years later, DBHS still feels familiar enough for Roubian to be comfortable; however, many of the buildings are new and there are many new faces and sights for Roubian to become accustomed to.

“It’s not the same as going into a totally strange place, but there’s quite a bit that’s changed,” Roubian said. “First of all, the facility; the pool area, the 600 building, even the 300 building wasn’t there when I was here. Getting acclimated to the map is all new to me because the numbering system has changed since I left. Learning the new leadership team [is also new]; Mr. Terry, and all the deans are folks I’ve never worked with before.”