Student Spotlight: Cheyenne Fox

Ingrid Chan , Staff Writer

There are countless musically passionate students in Diamond Bar High School, yet few can boast of using their talents outside their school activities or instrumental lessons. Junior Cheyanne Fox, on the other hand, has performed with professional musicians.

Fox’s musical career began at a young age when her mother noticed that she loved singing.  Because Fox’s mother did not want to restrict her to just singing, she enlisted the help of a music instructor to teach Fox the basics of a variety of instruments – such as piano, drums and guitar – in addition to honing her vocal talents.  

Later on, the music teacher invited Fox to form a band with several of his other students.  

As of now, Fox has been a part of five different bands – not including the ones she has joined at school – mostly as the bassist, singer, and sometimes the lyricist. The first was called Recess, a group she stayed with for six years and joined when she was only nine years old. In the end, it disbanded because all the members ventured off into different high schools.

Afterwards, Fox proceeded to join a handful of other bands, including Rebel Rockers, Vinyl Conflict, Diana Power and One Life, her current band.

“At the time, I definitely had a lot of emotional attachment to all the bands I used to be a part of,” Fox said.  “I mean we spent so much time together, not just playing music, but also bonding.  Now, though, I’m a bit used to it.”

One Life is by far the most professional group she has been apart of. All the other members are adults and professional musicians, and the group mostly does covers of rock and  Hawaiian songs, and sometimes originals.  They often perform at fairs, farmer’s markets, restaurants and private parties.

One Life adheres to a seasonal schedule, keeping extremely active throughout the summer and playing less during school months,  unless they decide to do special events for holidays.  

“We try to practice at least once a week, every weekend. Or twice a week if we have upcoming gigs,” Fox said.

She is also very involved with the school’s music program as part of the ROP Commercial Music Entertainment Academy and as a double bass player in the DBHS Symphony Orchestra.

Her enthusiasm for music is even more evident in the fact that, over the summer, Fox participated in the 2016 Grammy Camp where students from all over the country gather to learn from music industry professionals about how the music business works. They had opportunities to meet with guest artists and write and record original music.

Fox is already certain of her desired career path and, as expected, it has to do with music.

“Hopefully the whole band business will still be around, but I’d mainly like to teach bass or do something like studio recording,” Fox said.