Shining a light on Apollo Night

Stuart Kusdono , Contributing Writer

The lights slowly dimmed as the exuberant audience members quieted down in eager anticipation of entertaining performances to come. They were not disappointed.

In a flash of sheer energy, Apollo Night began its sixth year in the Diamond Bar high school auditorium. The opening act, a parody of famous artists Beyoncé and Drake, was ever-so colorful, scintillating, and bubbly.

Hosted by the Black Student Union, Apollo Night is an annual show featuring numerous acts put on by students who wish to display their various talents. This year the acts were all music-related, with five of the ten being singing performances.

Despite the fact that there were many singing performances, the show did not feel as if it was dragging on. Each performance was unique in its own way in terms of voice, rhythm, and melody.  All were also simply astounding in the richness of each singer’s voice.

Shiezan Bawa began the show with a guitar and singing act of the song “Nothin’ on You” by B.O.B., executing his performance smoothly and effortlessly.

The next act was Sarah Singh, who sang “Sedated” by Hozier, but put a twist to the performance by singing it acapella. The audience was enthralled during her performance, clapping to the rhythm.

As the show carried on, the audience was enthusiastic and supportive, giving out encouraging cheers during and after every performer’s act. They were particularly loud with Katelyn Contreras and Roya Rezvani, as they hit impressively high notes during their number, and also with Tyler Cooper as he performed.

In addition to singing, there was a piano performance by James English, and a rapping performance by Jaden Campbell.

There were also two group performances, including a dancing group of five BSU members, and a trio of singers, Jodie Lu, Myra Mayr, and Kaitlyn Lee.

Hosts Felicitas Anijelo and Cameron Essex executed their roles perfectly, and were responsible in keeping the vivaciousness and momentum of the show going. They were quite the dynamic duo, providing humor throughout the show.

The talent show ultimately concluded with an end just as bombastic and dazzling as the opening, if not more spectacular. All of the BSU students who hosted the show, in addition to some of the performers, came out on stage, dancing and rapping to the original song “Swerve” by DBHS student and musician B Money, all the while red lights flashed in the background.