Halloween candy review


Ingrid Chan, Staff Writer


Candy has never been my cup of tea, but in the spirit of Halloween this year, I’ve decided to review a few of the most trending Halloween sweets to see what all the excitement is about.



Candy Corn

Unsurprisingly, candy corn is one of the best-loved candies in America, a classic Halloween treat that has been a favorite for centuries. But few people know the secret behind making this multi-colored triangle of perfection. A smooth, thick puree of sugar, corn syrup, carnauba wax, fondant, honey and water must be folded until it reaches just the right consistency. It is then dyed yellow, orange, and white before being poured into molds to achieve its iconic triangular shape. The end result is a beautifully layered confection modeled after the corn kernel, a popular Halloween symbol, that possesses the perfect amount of chewiness and aesthetic appeal. Despite its smooth outer coating, the inside is slightly crumbly, with a pleasant dissolving quality after the initial bite. The flavor is similar to that of cotton candy, consisting of just the sweet, light taste of sugar and no significant other flavor.



Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are another extremely popular competitor. Their glossy, dark brown  exterior is smoothed with much care, and the sides are carefully decorated with a wave of intricate ridges, each one carved with delicacy. Within this chocolate shell hides a somewhat rustic peanut butter that, in contrast to the milky chocolate, is rough and salty–almost too salty. The confection itself is an overwhelming punch to the tastebuds, greeting you with the expected sweetness of chocolate before abruptly surprising the tongue with a hunk of salty peanut butter. Though it doesn’t suit my personal preferences, it remains a popular candy because of its combination of two favorite flavors.  



Jolly Ranchers

This somewhat translucent candy has grown ever so popular in the past few years. The beauty of this sweet is that it really consists of only one main ingredient besides water and granulated sugar: corn syrup.  The rest is the creative, artistic work of food dye and artificial flavoring. The finished product is a colorful variety of gem-like candies, each crystallized and appropriately flavored with man-made chemicals. This hard candy is one that you can take your time savoring, as it takes quite a while to dissolve, sitting in your mouth and gracing you with its artificial fruity flavor for a minute or two at the very least. The fruitiness is neither too strong nor too weak, providing you with just the right amount of sweetness.



Of the three I have reviewed, jolly ranchers have to be my personal favorite. Is it simply a case of nostalgic preference? Perhaps. After all, it is true that I have eaten this sweet far before I’ve even tried the other two. Nevertheless, it seems to be a common opinion among many of my peers since jolly ranchers are far more commonly seen in DBHS than either candy corn or Reese’s peanut butter cups.