Fall Dance Concert 2016

Amelie Lee , Asst. Feature Editor

Dramatic solos and perfectly synced spins filled the stage as Diamond Bar High School’s Dance Company presented their annual Fall Concert themed “Define” on Nov. 17-18. From student choreographed dances to an appearance from the DBHS JV Song Team, the show featured a variety of dancers and impressive performances.

Opening and closing with dances showcasing the entire DBHS Dance Company, the show was mesmerizing from start to finish. Among the most memorable acts were two student choreographed group dances: junior David Lee’s “Afire” and senior Ryan Hazama’s “Unity.” Both performances combined different styles of hip hop, catchy music and completely synchronized and well-timed movements to create an enthralling performance.

Dance Company co-captain senior Jonathan Estrada also showed off his talents, choreographing and performing in multiple performances, including a stunning group dance filled with perfect turns titled “Leave,” bringing a more contemporary style to the show .

Solos from freshman Carina Wu, freshman Peyton Avery, sophomore Alexie Montoya and junior Jamie Liang were also impressive. Peyton Avery’s self-choreographed contemporary hip-hop piece “Brain” was especially notable, with every sharp movement in time with the music, creating a dramatic and intense atmosphere which filled the entire theatre.

The concert also gave both the Advanced Performance Ensemble and the Intermediate Performance Ensemble an opportunity to show off what they have learned. A duet hip-hop piece titled “Dreaming” featuring sophomore Austin Hyun and freshman Kellen Cheung, and the four- person dance “Praises,” self choreographed, were both upbeat and left the audience hoping to see more.

Another fascinating performance was a jazz dance to the song “Cell Block Tango,” from the musical “Chicago”- titled “Villainous.” Originally about a group of women who had murdered their husbands, the song is given a new spin with the graceful yet dramatic movements from members from the Dance Company.

The JV Song Team also took the opportunity to present its dance skills on the stage with their piece titled “Instrumental.” Overall, the themes and the memorable dances that the concert presented encourage me to return to our theatre for another great show in the future.