The Best of Youtube


Courtesy of youtube

KickThe Pj sings his original song, ‘Tree Hugger” in one of his many videos.

Lilly Ball, Editor in Chief

This may sound ridiculous, but I must find the perfect YouTube video to watch before I can even begin to eat lunch.  This is a difficult task that sometimes takes up more of my time than I am proud of, but once I find that ideal video, those 20 minutes of searching are worth it. Luckily, I have some favorites that I can always rely on for my lunch-time entertainment.

If you don’t know him for his sunglasses, you know Casey Neistat for his social media app. Innocently enough, my obsession with Neistat started when I followed him on Snapchat. From there, I got sneak peaks of the crazy life that he leads, travelling around the world, and bugging his wife, Candice. As an entrepreneur, producer, director, popular vlogger, and overall creative genius, Neistat is one of the most interesting people on the web. His vlogs allow you to follow him during his day to day life, working in his New York City office, then travelling to some exotic place to create his next advertising campaign. Though I must warn you, Neistat’s videos will awaken your inner wanderlust.

My first YouTube crush, KickThePj is that quirky, British boy with piercing blue eyes that we all wish we could marry. PJ’s videos consist of an eclectic mix of strange skits, crazy doodles, and ukulele music. I have been watching PJ’s videos since 2010, and I still get excited every time I get a notification indicating that he has posted a new video. One of the most unique features of YouTube is that you can actually see your favorite artists change over the years, and get to know them on what feels like a personal level. PJ may have shed his Justin Bieber haircut from so many years ago, but he still has that magical creativity that makes him so special.

If Pinterest were to take a human form, it would be Meredith Foster. Foster, aka StilaBabe09, is the ultimate YouTube beauty guru. Her videos range from DIY instructions, to back to school organization tips. Though a student herself, Foster manages to post weekly videos, motivating her followers to take care of themselves and be confident. Her bubbly personality always manages to brighten my day. If you ever need to know how to properly wash your hair or decorate your room for the holidays, Foster is your girl.