Prom Experience

Sasha Rivera, Contributing Writer

In my review of last year’s prom, I excitedly predicted that my senior prom would be memorable, beautiful, and possibly even better than those of past years. Unfortunately, such was not the case. Instead, this prom was filled with boredom, headaches, and a lackluster ambiance.

Usually when people claim that proms are overrated, I feel defensive and argue against such statements due to my lovely experiences at the events in 2013 and 2014.

However, after May 16, I too find myself agreeing with these claims. It is a slight shame that my friends and I, since I went stag, spent weeks building up excitement and preparation, only to be faced with a night that did not meet our high expectations.

After the announcement that it would take place on the Queen Mary, I had high hopes for a large, stunning venue that would exceed even the beauty of the Richard Nixon Library. Instead, I was met with plain white walls adorned with an occasional, nautical photograph and dark pipes on the ceiling.

The lighting was nice, with soft, cool colors and water patterns, but it did little to help. The interior was very spacious however, which was one of the few positive qualities in that there was more room to avoid excessive crowds or cramped corners occupied by people with dates. Despite this, the dance floor was still packed, as if being trapped in a can of sardines.

Entertainment-wise, the prom was even more boring than homecoming. There was a large dancefloor, a couple caricature artists, and a few photo booths, but that was about it in terms of “fun” activities. Oh, and I couldn’t possibly leave out the two dingy foosball tables. In previous years there were many entertainment opportunities that for a variety of personalities and tastes; this year the choices were quite basic.

After partaking in the provided activities during the first couple hours, I was bored for the rest of the time with nothing much else to do other than mill about the venue and munch on snacks.

To my dismay, even the food was on the plain side, with fewer options than usual; the potato chips were the only thing worth sampling.

I was tempted to leave early, as I struggled to find something to do. Honestly, I had more fun getting dressed up and hanging out with my friends than participating in the event itself.

Overall, the prom was quite unimpressive, leaving me very disappointed since this was my senior prom.

In terms of dances, it went out not with a bang, but a whimper. For the money I spent on my ticket, I was expecting something a bit more spectacular, at least comparable to last year.

It would have been better if funds had been used on a smaller venue, but with more entertainment, as was the case with last year’s prom. At the very least, more attractive decorations would have improved the atmosphere. Even though I’ll already be gone, I hope that the Class of 2017 does a better job next year