Fresh Looks at DB clubs

Brian Chang, Contributing Writer

Freshmen who missed out on their chance to join Diamond Bar High School’s diverse collection of clubs and programs received a second chance on Jan. 14 during DBHS’ annual Freshmen Remix. The event, which was characterized by skits, music, and games, introduced a wide variety of activities to the entire freshmen class during fourth period.

Many school programs participated in the event, including Drumline, Marquis and All-Male. The remix also included performances by members of the DBHS Color Guard, Cheer, and Dance teams, who all flashed their respective skills to the freshmen present. In addition, the newly-formed Commercial Band program was introduced at the event.

“It was fun, though it was very crowded,” freshman Annie Yen said via Facebook. “The dancers were the best part.”

The event’s theme was based on Disney’s “Toy Story” movie. Link Crew members were dressed in various toy costumes while posters of the most famous animated characters were hung on the wall facing the bleachers. A skit that matched the theme was performed to the freshmen audience, with one of the Link Crew members pretending to be a new toy, named Mr. Mouse, who helped the original toys solve their problems. In return, Mr. Mouse was treated to special performances by the school’s choir, dance and cheer teams, as well as the school’s drumline.

“All the officers got together with the captains and we just wrote whatever came to mind. At one point we had over 20 possible themes. Then we began to narrow it down based on realistic aspects, like costuming and skit plot lines. We decided ‘Toy Story’ was the easiest out of everything,” Link Crew President Elmeera Nosrati said via Facebook.

One of the Link Crew advisors, Silvia Bento-Smith, began the event by welcoming the students. She encouraged all of the freshmen to broaden their horizons and try out new activities, stating that all of the performers who were about to showcase their talents agreed that the best part of their high school lives was being involved in their respective extracurricular activities.

“I think it’s a good way for everyone to get together and find a club that they would enjoy participating in,” freshman Steven Liang said via Facebook.

After the performances were over, the students were allowed to walk around and learn more about various clubs offered at DBHS. Tables featuring a variety of school clubs were set up around the gym. Each club allowed freshmen to join, and many offered games for them to play, such as bean bag tosses and estimating the number of candy pieces in a jar. As an added bonus, some clubs gave out candy to freshmen who signed up.

“I believe it really opens up freshmen to all the possibilities offered at DBHS. It was through Remix where I found clubs that I’m still a part of today.,” Nosrati said. Some freshmen are really timid and closed off from all the activities and clubs available, so I think Remix is a good way to reintroduce them to a part of high school they might have been closed off from. I was really pleased at how Remix went this year, but for next year I think we can further expand the theme concept.”