Date Destinations for a Fun Feb. 14

Victoria Ly, Asst. Feature Editor

February is a spontaneous pop of red amidst the dreary midwinter season. It’s also a time when couples embark on romantic excursions with their significant other. So for those of you who have no idea where to take that special person, here are a few options that might help you.

Most people tend to overlook the whole picnic-in-the-park escapade. Though it may be an overdone cliché, there are multiple directions to take when planning a picnic. Located in Walnut, Snow Creek Park is characterized for its crisp, grassy landscape. The park’s greatest attraction, however, would have to be the long creek that runs throughout the park and extends underneath a cute little bridge. A picnic is a romantic date idea that, although may take more time and effort to put together, can also be a sentimental way to exemplify how much you care. Bring a few soft-lit lanterns and a delicious, home cooked meal, and you’re sure to win a few extra brownie points this Valentine’s Day.

Hide Out is a great option for couples that prefer a more secluded, quiet place to dine. This small restaurant offers a warm, romantic atmosphere with its soft lighting and calming interior. And because it’s hidden in a relatively new plaza located in Rowland Heights, this restaurant is quiet and rarely crowded with people. Hide Out also offers a unique selection of drinks and foods such as blueberry green tea, tiramisu latte. At night, the café’s outdoor patio is lined with dimly lit heaters. So bring a blanket and cuddle outdoors while warming your hands with a nice cup of coffee or tea.

A Valentine’s Day hiking excursion is the ideal getaway for those who wish to escape the city. Located in Pasadena, Eaton Canyon is noteworthy for its 44-foot tall waterfall and moderately easy hiking trail. Walks along streams and striding across logs make this hiking spot an essential place for exploring nature with that special someone.

After reaching the waterfall, couples can sit amongst the rocks and enjoy the picturesque scenery. The hike also offers a breathtaking scenic overview of the city so on the way back; you can catch a glimpse of the sunset.

An upbeat and lively date night idea, karaoke is sure to bring in a few light-hearted laughs on Valentine’s Day. Located in Rowland Heights, LA Melody KTV is a relatively new karaoke center. This date spot destination is also fitting for group dates, since the room sizes are quite spacious. During happy hours, this karaoke joint offers free drinks such as iced honey milk tea.

Most song selections are accompanied by music videos. The variety of music offered here includes Korean, Chinese and English. Strange dance moves and mediocre singing makes for a humorous, and memorable night.